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    The relationship between erotica and business in the upper floors is still a taboo subject. Although it is clear to many that there is much more to business receptions than champagne and caviar…

    Today, almost all big deals are made with the help of discrete pleasures.

    “Corporate” gifts are hidden behind the screen of fairs, seminars and study tours. As night falls, a powerful, almost invisible monster stirs.

    These are elite establishments, clubs, bars and secret “yavki” – luxurious villas and apartments, the addresses of which are passed on by word of mouth only for a select clientele.

    Because as the night falls, so do the inhibitions of those in power.

    Whether in sectors such as construction, automotive, armaments, water supply, media, pharmaceuticals or finance, eroticism is used as an incentive to sign contracts, reward loyal partners or as a tool to win new customers.

    Shakti studio is discreet and knows how to support you in business.

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