Lesbian show – Фетиш масаж
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    Our beautiful massage therapists will welcome you with a drink. They do not waste your time, and as soon as you enter the room they will “throw you at your feet”, undressing you and touching you loosely and sensually throughout the body. The first part of the show is coming, and you are in the front row and you expect their worst dance, you want to see them take off everything and stay completely naked and free in front of you … You will see mud under the influence of excitement absorb in the other’s lips as their hands slide all over their bodies. And yes, even there, even in this beautiful place, hidden between their beautiful feet. Once you are no longer able to see the view you will go together to the hot shower in the company of the two ladies. They will make you think of them every time you take a shower, because who would not want two lovely ladies to skill-fully submerge themselves under the water, wiping you with their breasts … After the shower, the climax comes. .. The two ladies continue to kiss and touch each other passionately until it is time to turn on their special sexy toys … While one massage therapist is lying, the other is stirring her with pleasure with a tongue and a vibrator and you are messing with her … just imagine, buried their heads between each other’s feet .. how to play with their tireless tongues at each other and their realistic dildos … you can watch them or take part in this amazing experience, the options are many and tailored to your wishes. Indulge in the excitement and hidden desires ..

    All services are with happy ending!
    • 30 min: 400lv / €200
    • 60 min: 650lv / €325
    • 90 min: 800lv / €400

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    Sex and blowjob not available!
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